To be the leader in fully integrated entertainment media and platform by creating the most engaged contents for all screens


- To create added value for all businesses and society
- To foresee new business potential and seize new opportunities to initiate new trends and form industry phenomena
- To be one step ahead of competitors in content creation, investment, and development
- To beneficially synergize and integrate the work of all sectors
- To set a clear business goal with a proven data in order to develop the endless possibility creative works


Music & Distribution

Music business operates under the “Total Music Business” model, including artist selection, music production, marketing, music content management, and product distribution in term of physical products and digital products, focusing on variety of music production to satisfy the customer demand.

Physical Products & Distribution Digital Content Concert & Showbiz Copyright Management Artist Management
GMM ONE Digital TV

One31, The digital TV channel that broadcast on High Definition system including drama, sitcom, game show and variety programming to reach all target groups. The audience can watch the quality programs of One31 on channel number 31 in every platform around the country.

ONE 31 (HD) Television Production Studio

“GMM 25” is digital TV channel that broadcast with Standard Definition system. The programs are mainly created for target audience which are new generation with active lifestyle and open minded people such as Based on true story drama series. The audience can watch the quality programs of GMM25 on channel number 25 in every platform around the country.

GMM 25 (SD) Television Production Radio Concert & Showbiz
Movie & Other

Which Support and extends the main business, for sustainable growth of the Group over the long term

Movie Home Shopping Satellite TV


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GMM Grammy is a leader in fully integrated unique entertainment platform in Thailand comprised of music, media, movie, broadcasting and other biz who can produce and deliver high quality local contents in Thailand and expand into the region with full commitment to social development support.

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