Merchandise & Showbiz

Showbiz, Merchandising & Other

Show Business

Organized concerts and music festivals generate revenue in the form of tickets sales, sponsorships and event organizing fees. The company successfully organized many concerts, as seen from the “Sold Out” concert tickets during Genie Fest 19, PECK PALITCHOKE ‘’FIRST DATE’’ Concert, MY NAME is NOOM KALA, Clash Awake Concert, OAT PRAMOTE SHOW The Uncensored, and BAB BIRD BIRD SHOW #11 DREAM JOURNEY, as well as music festivals including Nanglen Music Festival 3, What The Fest Music Festival and Big Mountain Music Festival, which captured the attention of audiences nationwide.


Sales of limited-edition artist merchandise such as t-shirt, jacket, hat, bag, toy and other accessories.

Star Product

Sales of premium products owned and created by artists. Each collection is limited-edition create for their fans and general public.

Artist Content

Develop artist-focused content for various digital platform such as reality show, gameshow and variety show. Creating compelling and authentic content giving fans a chance to connect and know about the artists like never before.

Music Academy

“GR Vocal Studio” offers vocals, musical instruments and acting lessons to the general public and for artists search. GRVS is located on the 4th floor, GMM Grammy Place (Asoke). The academy offers the following program:

  • Voice Program
  • Piano Program
  • Guitar Program
  • Dance Program
  • Acting Program