Satellite TV, the other option for consumers to enjoy their analogue TV channels and what consumers got more is other 200 satellite Free to Air channels. Satellite TV business substantially grew in the past few years until the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) was established as a single converged regulator for telecoms and broadcasting sectors to support the entrepreneurs broadcast efficiency. As the biggest content provider in
Thailand, GMM Grammy expanded the business line to satellite broadcaster operated by GMM Z. Satellite TV business is one of the new business of GMM Grammy which can be divided into 2 main components as follows

Satellite TV Platform

 “GMM Z” Satellite TV Platform is the Company’s new line of business, launched in March 2012 and is responsible for the sale of satellite TV set-top-box (STB) to consumers. GMM Z has a variety of products for the target audience of all levels, such as GMM Z HD for high-end level customer group, GMM Z SMART for middle-level customer group and GMM Z Mini for customers who have limited budgets but want to switch from television with antenna to satellite television.

Satellite TV Media

Satellite TV Media is the production of TV shows to be aired on satellite TV channels. Compared to the past, this business requires relatively low investments due to good domestic and international coverage of satellite signal, mitigating the need to install additional receiving towers. All that it takes to operate this business are television channel licenses and good programs for broadcasting.

The Group has produced television programs for airing through Thaicom satellite