ONE 31

Your day, All day, Every day

“One 31” variety HD channel

The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) held an auction of 24 licenses for commercial digital TV frequencies from December 26-27, 2013, separating the channels into 4 categories: 3 channels for children’s and family programming, 7 news channels, 7 variety standard definition channels, and 7 variety high definition channels. The Company bid for and won 2 licenses

The Company has set the following strategic plan to create distinctive characteristics and promote the digital TV channels to make them widely known:
-Focus on content that is outstanding, interesting and has variety since viewers select program based on content. Interesting programming will create an impression on viewers and make them remember the channel. The Company will create and develop high quality content in the form of drama, news, variety and game shows that offers a new choice for the audience.
-Create wider audience awareness of digital TV under GMM 25 and One Channel. The Company is planning promotion through a variety of channels such as large advertising boards, online media, printed media and promotional activities at various locations and competitions.
The Company intends to establish both digital TV channels as leaders in a Thai digital TV industry that is strong and has high quality.

Your day, All day, Every day

One31, The digital TV channel that broadcast on High Definition system including drama, sitcom, game show and variety programming to reach all target groups. The audience can watch the quality programs of One31 on channel number 31 in every platform around the country.

Channel format

High-quality variety programming to reach all target groups including news, top-rated sitcoms, and prime time dramas (‘For great drama, watch Channel One’) Under the slogan "Your day, All day, Every day".

Target group

Modern mass, families and working people who are modern and having a good taste

Website and Application

“one31” The only one application can make you stay 24 hrs. connected to one’s programs by “Live Streaming” via smartphone and tablet. You won’t miss any favorite TV shows by using “Program Alert” and “Replay” features. Stay tuned with us, stay tuned with “one31” application or website

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